Prosumer? Where do libraries fit in?

16 06 2007

TechCrunch embedded a video by Davide Casaleggio about the rise of the “prosumer” – the producer and consumer that participates in Web 2.0 – and it’s incredibly fascinating. He gives a brief history of things which have already happened (copyright struggles, decline of traditional advertising because of TiVo, etc) and then goes on to talk about the future (as if it were history already and he was giving us a lesson).

Go watch the video.

Now tell me…where do libraries fit in?




2 responses

16 06 2007

I think we are dealing with such high concepts and near utopic future with this idea. Public libraries exist because the world is not a utopia. If everything was free, public libraries would not really be necessary. Maybe as a place to gain access to some of the items mentioned in the video. That is how it acts now. A place to gain access.

18 06 2007

Well of course it’s a Utopia…it’s a “Kitchens of the Future” sort of thing…but it’s still fun to speculate what the future brings sometimes.

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