Pro bono marketing

21 06 2007

When I read about pro bono marketing in Robin Hood Marketing, I became very excited. I knew lawyers did pro bono work, and the idea that a professional marketing firm would offer its services free of charge to nonprofits thrilled me. I started wondering if any libraries were making use of pro bono marketing…

Skip forward to today. Seth Godin’s blog (again!)… and his short post on pro bono marketing. Now skip on over to the link he provides for the Taproot Foundation, which:

Unlike traditional foundations that make cash grants …makes grants of high-quality professional services, called Service Grants. Our Service Grants are designed to build your fundraising, marketing, information technology or talent management (HR) capacity.

What a wonderful idea… service grants instead of funding grants. Is anyone out there making use of this resource or others like it? How about pitching pro bono work (for a variety of things, not just marketing) to professionals in your community?

Update: It looks like the Taproot Foundation’s criteria for eligibility would exclude most libraries, and also restrict the availability to certain areas. But even without the assistance of an organization like Taproot, pro bono services are still worthwhile and a possibly a valuable resource.




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21 06 2007
Pro bono marketing

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28 06 2007

My business partner Jonthan Silberman and I started a marketing & design consulting firm two years ago-Fearless Future. I am a librarian and he is a graphic designer . We are totally dedicated to providing services to libraries, non profits and small businesses.

We are in the process of signing up to do pro-bono work with Taproot.

In the past two years we have done a lot of pro bono work for libraries & non profits. We recently announced a free marketing makeover and collected over 170 entries at LAMA swap and shop in ALA DC. Stay tuned to our blog Market the Future to see what we do with the three library winners.

We also do a lot of lecturing and talking to people at conferences to try to empower libraries to DIY.

I am glad that you are reading Seth Blog he is great.

If you want to check out our examples, presentation slides and compiled bibliographies go to

We would love to talk with anyone who needs our help

29 06 2007

Thank you so much for that info, Mary! See? This is why we need an ALA marketing wiki…so we can have a directory of marketers who’ll do library-related pro bono marketing, and so we can document the techniques and efforts that are successful for those marketers.

Thanks again!

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