We trust you…

14 07 2007

I’m tickled that Seth Godin mentioned libraries as places where people are still trusted with the honor system, but it makes me wonder… how long has it been since Mr. Godin has been in a library?

Last time I checked, we still put tattle tape in every material we put on the shelf…and patrons are continually embarrassed when we fail to fully de-magnetize our materials causing the gate to beep accusingly. 

I wonder what the rates of loss were that caused the tattle tape to become so ubiquitous…? Was it solely related to multi-media items being shelved on the floor instead of behind the desk?




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16 07 2007

I think you’re right… he must not have been in a real live library in a while. Maybe you don’t get “patted down’ like he says, but you’ll sure get stared down by a security guard. I actually have to convince library staff a lot of the time to trust their patrons a little… most of the time the tendency seems to be towards assuming everyone is trying to rip off the library or get away with something.

19 07 2007

I’d really like to go back in time and figure out when we started thinking this was a great idea… were thefts on the rise? Or did we just do it because everyone else was doing it (retailers, etc). Ha! Now there’s an idea we stole from retailers. Oh, wait… I don’t think that was quite what I had in mind…

19 07 2007

I suspect it may have happened because some library staff had nothing better to do than think of ways to crack down on those pesky patrons. What is it they say about Idle hands? 🙂

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