Nonprofits are your friends

8 08 2007

Technically, libraries aren’t nonprofits…we’re usually government agencies, but we have a lot in common with nonprofits, too.  I haven’t spent much time looking into the advocacy offerings of the nonprofit folks because I’ve had my hands full just trying to catch up with the librarians!

But for my grant, I needed to evaluate the tools that were already out there, and I couldn’t find much in the way of Web 2.0 for library advocacy (which is good, since that’s what I’m trying to get a grant for!*) so I plugged “nonprofit” in my search box and lo and behold, I hit the motherlode! I shouldn’t be too surprised… nonprofits traditionally have even less funding than libraries, so they’ve been quicker to adopt new ways of garnering public support.

Here are a few of my favorites from the bunch…

  • Nonprofit Technology Network – their Web 2.0 category has some great stuff!
  • Net ^2 (squared) , remixing the  web for social change
  • Roots.lab, helping nonprofits leverage the social web… they have a great rundown of what the social web can do for nonprofits here

More details about the revised grant forthcoming… I just finished the draft for my class this evening.

* Please let me know if you’ve found anything out there that deals with social networking/social media for libraries in any kind of detail. I couldn’t find anything, but maybe one of you has run across something?




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