Good works

25 08 2007

It’s been a whirlwind summer for me…who said anything about a break?  Over the past two weeks, I launched a new website for my student organization, created an FAQ for new students, am in negotiations with iSchool IT services to create a wiki for our school, launched an online store to sell our Evolving Librarian shirt to librarians at large, went to a meeting for an IMLS grant whose goal is to recruit more diversity into the librarian profession (I’m the student liaison…the person our recruits will go to when they want to see a friendly student face), solicited feedback and advice from iSchoolers on tips for getting in to the program (for that IMLS grant), and spent an entire day at new student orientation + happy hour , telling people what our student council was about, what projects we’re working on, and dispensing general advice about their first weeks in the program. On top of all that, we’re gearing up for Fall in my library, and that means we’re processing hundreds of items for regular and electronic reserves, and showing new professors the ropes. I’ve also got an interview next Thursday for a volunteer reference intern position at the downtown branch of the Austin Public Library.  The most exciting news is that Jenny Levine has put Karin and me in touch with some folks at ALA to try and get a marketing wiki/social network going … I’m very excited about this project!

Now that orientation is over, the two sites are launched, the FAQ is done and the iSchool wiki is moving forward, I feel such a sense of accomplishment, but also feel as if a burden has been lifted since those were occupying every spare moment of time I had. I’ll be back here more regularly now, especially once my classes start in the fall and I find new inspiration from my colleagues and friends.  Thanks for hanging in there with me!




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