Web 2.0 and the library

23 05 2007

During my inter-session break from school, I’ve been trying to catch up on my RSS feeds, including hunting down more sources of insight and inspiration. And there are a lot of them out there! I’m stepping outside the “safe” realms of library- and information science-related blogs and making sure to include marketing blogs and Web 2.0 blogs.

I’m including a link at the top to my RSS feed reading list, just in case anyone is interested in seeing where my thought-train has traveled to get to a particular topic. Although I try to be a responsible blogger, I sometimes get carried away and fail to provide hotlinks to all my sources of inspiration.

How do you other bloggers keep on top of your info-intake? Now there’s a Web 2.0 killer app I really could use! An inspiration tagger!

Update: I briefly considered employing del.ici.ous or reddit to track articles I’ve gotten inspiration from, but I’m not entirely convinced they’d be suitable for the task. What I’d really like is something that would let me highlight a section of text on a site (a memorable quote, for example) and then save that… the precise point of inspiration, rather than just a link to the whole article. But then again, I suppose I don’t always know what will be inspiring at the moment I read it; some things simply lurk in the back of my mind, waiting for me to stumble across some relevant connection whereupon a light goes off.

Update 2: And I’ve found it! “It” is the Clipmarks add-on for firefox. Lets me clip and save (privately or publicly) the bits of pages I find interesting, and even lets me search them later. Cool!