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I am not formally trained in marketing. Like most Americans, the extent of my experience with marketing has been on the receiving end – as a consumer. In an attempt to round out my education, I’m reading everything I can get my hands on that sounds like it might be applicable to library marketing.

The lists are short at the moment, but I’ll keep adding to them as I go. Ultimately I’d like to provide an entry in review for each article, blog, and book I read on marketing, but that will depend heavily on how much time I have to devote to writing up the analysis. At the very least, I will commit myself to a reflective paragraph or two on the strengths, weaknesses, and inspiring ideas (or not) that I get out of every book I read on marketing.

Clip Marks

  • If you really want to see what I’m reading online, check out my ClipMarks page. I haven’t had much time to add any updates this semester, but once my capstone is done, I’m going back and adding all those “starred” articles from my Google Reader!


Blog Articles

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28 06 2007

here is some information that might me of use to you and your readers a great bibliography and PP that my fellow ACRL presenters and I created for our presentation

Will it make my teeth whiter: selling the library without selling out

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